eCF37 User Guide

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Below are instructions for filling out the eCF37 Electronic Form. We recommend that you gather as much supporting documentation as possible and upload or scan the documents to the computer before filling out the form. Acceptable file formats include .doc, docx, txt, .pdf, .tiff, png, .jpg.

1. Visit the eCF37 webpage.

2. Complete security log in at eCF37 webpage.

Enter the following for anyone receiving benefits on your case:

  • a. First Name;
  • b. Last Name;
  • c. Date of Birth; and,
  • d. Last four digits of Social Security Number or Case Id.

3. Click on the sign in button button

4. Click on the continue to form button

5. The eCF37 form will populate basic information such as:

  • a. Case Name;
  • b. Case Number;
  • c. Address;

6. Answer the questions and fill out the fields that are appropriate for your case.

  • a. Additional signatures will be requested to sign electronically in the DocuSign Section;
  • b. Attaching proof will happen in the DocuSign Section

7. After answering the questions, click the submit application button.

8. On the document review page you can review your answers,

  • a. If you don't need to make any changes you can go to the DocuSign page by clicking the sign applicationbutton.
  • b. If you want to make changes you can click the edit application button. This will send you back to the page where you entered your answers. All of original answers will be there but you can edit them as needed.

9. DocuSign page

Signature box

  • a. Check the box if you agree to use electronic records and signatures.
  • b. Click the continue button
  • c. Review the DocuSign document

10. Attach proof:

attach a document

  • a. Click Attach Proof button button to attach proof;
  • b. Scroll to the top of page and click the upload a file Choose file button button

  • c. Navigate to where the file you want to upload is saved.
  • d. Select the file
  • e. Click the Done button to close the window.
  • f. Attached files will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • g. Repeat a-e for each section that needs proof attached.

11. On the signature section of the DocuSign page:

Singature box

Singature box
  • a. Click sign;
  • b. Scroll to the top and Adopt Your Signature
  • c. Click adopt and sign
  • d. Click finish signing on the bottom of page.

13. Thank You page:

  • a. Once completed, a receipt will be provided. It is recommended that you save the receipt information for your records.

eCF37 receipt

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